Slide Online Programmes When you live with and manage chronic disease or other challenges within the context of your life, it can be tricky to commit to an in-person or even a live online class or course, even when its for your own wellness. I have created a variety of short programmes that you can follow at your own pace, and in accordance with how you feel.
The programmes are centred around bringing non-judgemental curiosity in exploration of your body and the work for bringing greater awareness, understanding and freedom.

see programmes I made the courses to be affordable, using a variety
of learning & experiential methods and therefore
are accessible to everyone no matter size, shape,
fitness, education or background.
Most importantly, the courses are designed for
embodied learning, so that the knowledge becomes
integrated through the bodymind: it can be understood
on a cognitive level and felt within the body and
sensations - an holistic learning