Slide Short Courses In my live online courses we explore in supportive community what it is to be
present in our bodymind when we live with disease. Living with health issues
or having gone through major health interventions is challenging in multiple
ways and yet we are not taught how to face or process these difficulties
nor understand its effects on our bodymind and nervous system.

In my online somatic courses you will gain experiential understanding of your
body, mind and emotions and how they are impacted by living with
health challenges.
Through somatic practices of movement, sound, breath and touch we bring clarity
through awareness and coherence to mind and body. We hold space for
whatever is presenting itself in the moment, and lean into it honestly and with
selfcare. You will gain tools and practices for leading an empowered life with
illness, greatly improving your relationship with your body and becoming able
to sense and respond to your needs effectively to come into an more calm, centred space within yourself.

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