A warm welcome to you. In these ever changing times, there is a need more than ever to connect with yourself in the most deep, honest & nurturing way. Most of today’s dis-ease and dis-content is a dis-connection, and especially if we have chronic disease or have been through major health interventions, we can experience a breakdown in relationship with our body. What I offer, above all else, is the space and guidance to facilitate that process of coming home to Self through reconnecting body and mind; soothing the nervous system; tracking your sensations and emotions; grounding for stability; re/discovering friendship with your body, and enhancing overall resiliency.

The beauty of this is built on a foundation of non-judgemental curious exploration into sensation, movement, breath, touch and sound, engaging with our body intelligence, integrating body, heart and mind to meet ourselves exactly as we are. When we combine this approach with a splash of cognitive learning, we embody our empowered, intuitive, whole self.

In my live online courses we explore in supportive community what it is to be
present in our bodymind when we live with disease. In my online somatic courses you will gain experiential understanding of your
body, mind and emotions and how they are impacted by living with
health challenges. Through somatic practices of movement, sound, breath and touch we bring clarity through awareness and coherence to mind and body.


This is where we get to dive deeper! With 20+ years of trainings, knowledge and experience in the fields of natural health, breathwork, movement and meditation, I hold a wide variety of regular workshops, online or in person.

Living with a chronic disease within your life context means that attending live or live online courses and classes can be tricky sometimes. As a person with chronic disease myself, I wanted to create a body of experiential education that helps you explore your relationship with your body, no matter your current health or location.

Throughout the ever expanding horizon of my learning within the wellness sphere over the last twenty plus years, I have been a consultant and coach helping to guide people through their passage of wellbeing. Ultimately we are all learning as we go, but sometimes we get a little (or a lot) stuck, and need someone to figuratively take our hand and accompany us from our temporary confusion back into the light of grounded clarity.

What my clients & community say