Slide About It will have many facets and angles, and will shift as you grow and change, but when you honour and align with your truth, you will weather the falls and the joys of life equally,
and with a deep knowing that you are where you need to be in this moment.

I am qualified in Natural Nutrition, Regression Therapy, Reiki
healing, Yoga teaching, Body Mind Centering, and I am in ongoing trainings in Somatic Movement and BodyMind Psychotherapy.

The more unofficial descriptions are passionate evolver, intuitive teacher, fierce mother, sensitive creature and a playful
silly buggar.
I was born with cystic fibrosis, an incurable genetic
disease that started off as my burden and evolved into my most demanding and eloquent teacher, pushing me to look beyond what I had been told my life would look and feel like.
At 20 years old I changed life direction completely and since that, never looked back. It certainly hasn’t been easy, and many more teachers have come my way, like abusive relationships, being a single mother, living in different cultures, a double lung transplant, and the most recent, the joining of mine and my partners families together to become one.

Over the last twenty plus years, my greatest learning is clear to me – the methods and techniques may vary but the basis for authentic wellbeing begins and ends with your truth.
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